2017-05-16 13:47:00
Giant Simulation Dinosaur Model

The Bailu dinosaur park has held a large parent-child activities last month.

More than 300 children from Chunli kindergarden and with their parents participated in the activities.They visited the giant simulation dinosaur model, participate in dinosaur-themed parent-child games and outdoor development training ....Both children and parents spent a wonderful day in the Bailu Dinosaur Park. Bailu dinosaur park is located in White Deer town of Pengzhou in Sichuan Province. The excellent location and good air quality made it possible for outdoor activities and parent-child activities.

Bailu Dinosaur Park has ordered more than 30 dinosaurs from Kawah for its layout. This parent-child activities have been highly praised by the kindergarden,teachers and parents.And above all, Children loves it and it has strengthened the relations with their parents and have fun in the process of learning.



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