2017-05-02 17:46:34
Simulation dinosaurs exhibit-How does dinosaurs extinct?

Simulation dinosaurs exhibit, although the dinosaurs are relatively small, but the vast majority of dinosaurs are relatively ferocious for people . If these monsters do not disappear from this planet, the human's life is bound to be much more difficult.

  The dinosaurs first appeared in the Triassic of 230 million years ago, extinct from the mid-Cretaceous dinosaur extinction event at about 6,5 million years ago.
For the extinction of dinosaurs, the scientific community has raised seven kinds of hypotheses, which include meteorite collisions, climate change, the species struggle , the continent
Drift, geomagnetic change and so on. But these hypotheses are not complete.After all, dinosaur extinction has also past a long time .The dinosaur research is carried out from the fossil level, no one really know exactly what happened .The death of dinosaur is still a big mystery to be solved.

   It is the dinosaur's powerful terror and with its mysteries left to the world that attract people’s attention to this strong race. In the near future, people will be able to reveal the mystery of dinosaurs, and restore the truth of the dinosaurs.




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